And Suddenly the Sun Again by Eamonn Lynskey

Local man Eamonn Lynskey’s book of poetry ‘And suddenly the sun again’ will be launched in Lucan Library at 6.00pm on Wednesday 9th of June, by Niamh Bagnell, radio presenter and broadcaster on Liffey Sound Fm.

“There are about 75 poems in this collection, which is divided into five parts. Part I has poems mostly of memory, including memories of childhood, its sights and sounds. Part II has poems about war, politics, violence. Part III has poems about poetry and poets and often the pretentiousness of poets. Part IV is about ‘liturgies and broken monologues, a sigh, a sob.’ Part IV has images of delight, affirmation, healing and resurrection: ‘and suddenly the sun again.”

These poems are set in Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Japan, China, Argentina and elsewhere. Some are lyrical, some sardonic, some very funny. There is much compassion and there is great skill. A good few of the poems were first published in THE SHOP, but many are new to me. The book as a whole gives me great pleasure”.John Wakeman , The SHOp poetry Magazine

Seven Towers Agency Ltd would like to welcome you to the launch in Lucan Library on June 9th, you can find out more about Eamonn and his book here.

We also hope to have Eamonn and some other local writers recite their poetry during Lucan Festival details to follow shorty. All at Lucan Festival wish him well with the launch of his book!

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