For one night only – We give you ‘The Commitments’

If you have yet to see The Commitments on the big screen this is a rare opportunity at our Cinemobile on Thursday 23rd of September at 6.30pm – tickets six euro. The Commitments offers no message, no solutions but sheer entertainment, plenty of laughs, dark Dublin humour, Great music and a look back when Dublin was dirty, and in recession! – sound familiar?

Set in the early 90’s working-class north side of Dublin, where the music scene is rich and teeming, based on the novel by Roddy Doyle, this is the story of 21-year-old ‘entrepreneur’ Jimmy Rabbitte, who’s vision is to bring soul music to Dublin. He manages to bring together a 10-piece outfit with real musical potential from among his raw or semi-talented contemporaries.  One of the best Irish movie’s ever made and Oscar nominated from 1992.  Watch for baby face Glen Hansard!

Quotes from the movie – (Unemployment official to Jimmy Rabbite) “Mr. Rabbitte, you’ve been collecting unemployment benefit for two years. Are you trying to tell me you can’t get a job?” (Jimmy Rabbitte’s response) “We’re a third world country – what can you do?!”

(Jimmy Rabbitte Snr) “Is this the band then? Betcha U2 are shi**in’ themselves.”

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