Custard Pie Puppet Company to perform a unique (Dublin) adaptation of ‘Punch and Judy’ at this years Festival.

The Lambert family is synonyms with puppetry in Ireland, generations of Irish children grew up with well known characters like ‘Judge’ the dog, Mr Crow and Ssneaky Ssnake’ in the popular television series ‘Wanderley Wagon’ and through Lambert Puppet Theatre.

Lucan Festival are delighted to have Conor Lambert’s Custard Pie Puppet Company perform two show at this years Festival.

This show is a unique (Dublin) adaptation of ‘Punch and Judy’ A very naughty Mr. Punch is left with the task of minding the house while Judy gets busy with other important chores, Mr. Punch’s inability to take on the simplest of chores leads to hilarious consequences involving the Gardai!

Lambert’s experience with comedy improvisation and stand-up only embellishes this 45 minutes of entertainment, bringing audience participation to a whole new level as he deals with individual comments from the audience with aplomb, ensuring no two shows will be the same with this puppetry favourite.

Lambert’s 30 years of experience as a puppeteer prevail in this production with as much detail expressed in movement and manipulation as there is in the sharp witted dialogue.

A must see for all the family, we are really looking forward to it!!.

Here is a short clip from the show.

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