A historic view of Lucan, by curtor Joe Byrne

Ballyowen Castle from 1906

Festival chairman and local historian Joe Byrne will exhibit a large collection of historic photographs, documents and other memorabilia on Lucan. The exhibition will take place on Saturday the 25th and Sunday 26th of September at St Andrews parish centre.

This exhibition should prove very popular for both new and old residents of Lucan.
Lucan is steeped in history going back to King Johns bridge which dates back to the 1200’s to the arrival of Patrick Sarsfield’s family at the end of the 1500’s to Games Gandon one of the most renowned architects of the 18th century who build the Custom Hose, The Four Courts and many other prestigious buildings in Dublin, he resided in Lucan for many years and died in Cannon Brook house in 1842.

The Spa Hotel from the early 1900's

The Lucan Spa Hotel has a long history. The site first became a health resort in 1758 when an iron spa was discovered at Chapel Hill. In 1795, the Old Hotel (now the Lucan County Bar) was built incorporating a ballroom built some time earlier. This Old Spa Hotel was a fashionable meeting point throughout the 18th Century, in whose surroundings the prosperous pillars of society then rested and entertained themselves with high social activities such as fox hunting with the Kildare and Meath Hunt. About this time a terrace of fine Georgian houses (The Crescent) were also built for all the holidaymakers who came to the Lucan Spa. At the end of the 19th Century, with the coming of trams and trains, the Lucan Spa went from strength to strength. In 1911 a new hotel and sanatorium were opened on the River Liffey by the Lucan Hydrophatic Spa company.
The first National Census was recorded in 1841. At that time Lucan’s population was 563. It had almost doubled by 1951 (1,297) but between 1971 and 1976, it increased from 4,245 to 12,451. Today its population exceeds 42,000 people.

For lots more on Lucan’s history be sure an visit – A historic view of Lucan at St Andrews Parish centre, see programme page for more. Joe will also be doing historic walks around Lucan village during festival week, see programme page for more information.

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