Images from Festival Sunday

If  you didn’t make it along to the festival today, what a day you missed. We had some fantastic entertainment, face painters, stalls , street entertainers, bouncy castles, the Garda open day, choral event at St Andrews, flash mobs, arts exhibition and personally the puppet show was my favourite today the feedback from the audience was just amazing.

The weather was our best friend today and we could not have hoped for better in September. Thanks to all those who attended all our events through out the week. We didn’t get everything right but we will work on that for next year, planning begins tomorrow.

Thanks to our hard working committee who have put in months of preparation, hopefully we can attract some new members for  next years event.

Here is a sample from this years festivities, already looking forward to next years festival, images courtesy of Marketa Puzman, Tom Dowling, Peter Shaughnessy, and Conor Lambert.

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One thought on “Images from Festival Sunday

  1. Thanks for a great family day yeterday.It was very well organised. We thoroughly enjoyed it. As relative newcomers to Lucan, it was great to see a thriving village, which has a lot to offer – as well as an evident community spirit. We plan to make more visitis to the village from here on in. Well done to the organisers.

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