Headspace – mixed media art by Lucan youth during Lucan festival.

Headspace is a Youth Arts Collective based in the Lucan Area which focuses on mixed-media and technology. The aim of the group is to produce and facilitate projects of art by the youth of Lucan. It is currently made up of musicians, photographers, painters, film makers, sound and visual artists, programmers, writers and many combinations of these! It was founded in 2010.

During Lucan festival, Headspace will hold a series of concerts, and exhibitions at the Griffeen Youth Centre events as follows:

Friday 23rd September:  There will be a gig from local bands and artists at the Griffeen Youth Centre from 8pm to 11pm. List of artists and bands have yet to be confirmed.

Saturday 24th of September: Exhibition & Workshop from 1 -5pm, featuring interactive and live performance art works of various media by artists and composers and performers from the collective. Members of the public will be invited to experience these art works in an open environment with the creators present. This event will be repeated on Sunday 25th in Lucan Village at a location to be confirmed.

Saturday: Concert performance at 7pm a  by works written, produced and performed by the Lucan Electro –Acoustic Orchestra. The group has previously performed at Exchange Arts Centre Temple Bar, and Griffeen Youth Centre.

Have a listen to Lucan Electro – Acoustic Orchestra performance of Lux Aeterna on 11th December 2009 at Mega-Bites youth Café in Griffeen Youth. Amazing talent in our midst we are looking forward to the Saturday concert.

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