Historic Exhibition: (Church of Ireland Centre, Saturday and Sunday (2 -6pm)

Festival Chairman and local historian Joe Byrne will exhibit a large collection of historic photographs, documents and other memorabilia on Lucan. The exhibition will take place on Saturday the 24th and Sunday 25th of September at the Church of Ireland Parish Centre. This exhibition has proved very popular for both new and old residents o. Lucan is steeped in history from the 1200’s : to the arrival of Patrick Sarsfields family at the end of the 1500’s to James Gandon one of the most renowned architects of the 18th century.

Historic Walks – Tuesday and Thursday at 11am

Joe Byrne will bring you on an informative stroll around Lucan village pointing out some of landmarks, their relevance in Lucan’s long history. Famous people associated with Lucan include Patrick Sarsfield, Shackelton, Agmondisham Vesey, and James Gandon. The Tuesday walk will commence at 11am from St Mary’s and Thursday’s walk will commence from the bus stop opposite Topaz garage at 11 am.

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