Lucan forward to 2050

If you are old enough to remember back to 1972? – have the changes to how we lived then and now altered that much?  and will the changes to how we as a society in 2050 have transformed radically from 2011. We all have a stake in our future; many of us will probably be around to see Lucan in 2050. As a country, we face serious threats from economic uncertainty, climate change, inequality, energy security and an ageing population – and, contrary to popular belief, technology won’t solve all our problems. Can culture play a bigger role in our future?  Join us in an evening of discussion at Finnstown House Hotel at 8pm on Wednesday 21st of September. The panel includes:

Stephen Kinsella, PhD :  is a lecturer in Economics at the University of Limerick. Originally from Dublin, and in his early thirties, he has lived and studied in the US before taking up his position in the Kemmy Business School, Limerick. His book Ireland in 2050 published in 2010, began as a newspaper opinion piece in the summer of 2008, which sparked a huge response.

Dermot O’Leary:  is the senior economist at Goodbody Stockbrokers and a native of Lucan, providing a local perspective and an insight into social economics.

Dave O’Connor: Is a Lecturer in Transport and Urban Design at DIT School of Spatial Planning. Facing an uncertain future with reserves of fossil fuels depleting and the need to reduce our carbon emissions how we can adapt our planning and transport demands to reach those targets.

Gavin Kostick:  is Literary Officer at Fishamble the new play company. Gavin works with new writers for theatre through script development, readings and a variety of courses. Gavin is also an award-winning playwright. He has written over a dozen plays which have been produced in Dublin, on tour around Ireland, the UK, New York, Philadelphia and Romania. His most recent works are The End of the Road for Fishamble, This is What we Sang for Kabosh (Belfast and New York), The Sit and Fight Night on tour 2011

John Henry:  former CEO of The Dublin Transport Authority

This is a limited seating event and we would strongly recommend that you book your seat in advance.

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