Line up of Bands on the Village Stage

Hey we are heading towards the highlight of the Festival week – Sunday Family Fun Day lots of great events for all the family in Lucan Village. One of the the big event on the Sunday will be the Village Stage 8 great bands appearing from 1.30 to 6pm. Around 3pm we are also hoping to have a little Dublin silverware on the stage if you get my meaning?

Here is the schedule of bands appearing on the day, come down and enjoy some great music!

Village Stage time table

1.30pm – 2.0pm Prince4God

2.05pm – 2.35 Morgan la Faye

2.40 – 3.10pm Sophie Coyle

3.15pm – 3.45 Half shot

3.50 – 4.20 The Gandhis

4.25pm – 4.55 Adela and the Meanits

5.00pm– 5.30 pm Lorcan James

5.35 – 6.05pm Riptide movement

2 thoughts on “Line up of Bands on the Village Stage

  1. Hi,
    I was in the village yesterday specifically to see the Ripthde movement and can I just say how dissappointed I was when after an hour wait the band came on stage only to be told by a festival volunteer they had 10 mins and they had to get off stage. It is understandible that delays will happen but it was not the bands fault nor the people who turned up to see them. The festival representative had absolutely no consideration for anyone but himself yesterday. The lads born and bred from Lucan and have a huge following in Ireland and for the 10 mins they were allowed on stage being told the plug was being pulled ever chance your official could was awful. Can I applaud the lads for their performance they were fantastic and I hope yesterday’s experience does not stop you from playing in Lucan festival in the future! Best of luck with your Russian tour 🙂

    • Hi there, please take the issue up with South Dublin County Council, we had asked for road closure up to 8pm and they decided to pull it back to 7pm, of course if the weather had behaved we would have seen riptide movements full set we too were looking to seeing them perform.

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