Walk at Lucan House

 I hope everyone has recovered from their trip to Italy last Sat. We were  blessed with the weather and the attendance. All tickets were sold (600) and  apart from initial delays on some of the walks everything went to plan. Thanks to Committee members and Volunteers from the SDCC volunteer  group, Lucan Garda, Lucan Newsletter for allowing us their space, Martone Press  for the printing of our leaflet, Tommy Lynch and St Mary’s Parish Centre for the  use of their premises to sell tickets and Gerry ONeill for unlocking the gate of  the Cemetery.

 Sincere thanks once again to His Excellency Mr Maurizio  Zanini,Italian Ambassador and his wife Madame Zanini for allowing us into the  grounds of what is their private residence. We would also express our thanks to  Ms Antonella Fontana, Deputy Head of Mission, Ms Ester Tossi, Secretary to the  Ambassador and the very polite and efficient Carabinieri who kept a very  discreet eye on us all. On a personal note thanks to my good wife  Josephine who has put up with me for the last 6 weeks during which everything  seemed to revolve around the walk. Last but not least of course thank  you to all who supported the walk and the funds raised will go a long way  towards funding this years Festival.


Would the lady who sent me a text  about a mix up on dates please contact me.

Joe Byrne, Chairman Lucan  Festival Mob: 0867944074

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