Lucan Festival Information

This years Festival will run from the 9th to the 16th September. On Sunday the 9th we are encouraging everyone to assemble at  Griffeen Park for to participate in a 5km run/walk/cycle/wheel which will get you fit for  the rest of the weeks events. Not only will you exercise yourself but monies raised at it will go towards the purchase of defibrillators in the area. More details later.

 During the week a number of talks will take place and the subjects  will include the following;

 Lucan House (Suzanne Pegley) who is one of the authors of    the book Aspects of Lucan.

Shackleton Collection(Christiann Corlett) a talk and slides    on the famous collection of photographs

 by Jane W Shackleton dating from 1880 to 1905. Christiann is    publishing a book on this collection in August.

 The life and times of Rev Dr J A H Irwin who was Presbyterian    Minister in Lucan from 1932 to 1954 and who in the War of Independence supported the republican side,was a    friend of Eamon DeValera and was reputed to have helped in the drafting of the 1937 Constitution. This talk will  be given by Dr Éamon Phoenix a senior lecturer in History at Strangmills  College Belfast.

British Musicals by our own Michael Grant who last year    entertained us with his knowledge of the Broadway Musical. This should make a good nights entertainment with excerpts  from Oliver ,Phantom etc.

There will also be a number of informative walks in the Village  giving the history of areas and buildings.

    Joe Byrne     Chairman 0867944074

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