Lucan Festival 2013

23rd ~ 29th September

If you have talent either as an individual or a group we would like to hear from you . This years covered outdoor stage will be available on Sunday 29th September to showcase your talents. Please contact the writer.

We have had problems with our webpage for the last few months. Finally we found out that someone in the USA had hijacked our name and we would have to buy it back. We have decided to set up a new page and hope to have it in operation in the next few days. The new address is

Remember the Lucan Tram will be coming back to pay us a visit. You will be able to board it and go up the stairs to the open top deck. There will be panels about the 1913 Lockout and also the history of the Lucan Tram Company. We also hope to have a 1940s double decker bus (remember being able to run after it and jump onto the open platform).

Both of these will be on display in Main Street (near the Credit Union) on our Village Day 29th Sept.

From Tues 24th there will be an exhibition about Lucan House and Demesne in the back Lounge of Kennys. This will run until lunchtime Friday 27th. Each day the exhibition will be open from 11.30 am until late evening.

There will also be 3 historical walks around the Village . These will take place on Tues, Thurs and Saturday mornings at 11 am. Details of starting locations will be announced at a later date.

More next week.

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