Newsletter Festival Update

Two years ago we had a Ladies night out with a film and cheese and wine which was a big success.
We received a number of queries that was there nothing for the Gentlemen.
Well this year inspired by Paul Hollywood of the Great Bakeoff we are running our very own Lucan Bakeoff but with a twist as it will be strictly for the MEN. So come all you budding Paul Hollywoods get your aprons out and start practicing for the Lucan Bakeoff which will be held on Sunday 29th Sept.
The bakeoff will be for Cakes, Flans ,Tarts, Sponges,Bread and anything you fancy.
You can bake at home and bring the result down to the Village at lunch time to be adjudicated with the result declared at 4.30pm.

We have had a good response to our call for local acts to come forward and we still have some room for more, so please contact the writer .

Joe Byrne Chairman 0867944074

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