2013 Festival Update

One item left out last week because we want to give more publicity to it will be a Charity Golf Classic which will take place on Friday 27th September in Lucan Golf Club. We are delighted that this will take place in our Festival week and more so as it is organised by Lucan Lions Club and is part of their 25th Anniversary. The event is an 18 Hole Stableford Team Event. Please support this worthy cause by contacting Paul OConnell 0872566183 or Niall Carroll 0872895388.

Two famous local singers will be on stage on Sun 29th Sept, Pat Silke and Paul Gogarty who will entertain us with their own unique styles.

As mentioned last week that we will have an Electric Tram (not moving of course) there will also be a Double Decker Bus (imagine a driver and a conductor) from the 1950’s. Lots of young children will have never seen a bus conductor never mind heard of one. You old fogies can explain all about them and of course running after the bus and jumping on the platform.

We will return in late August with more news of this years Festival

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